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Remote Diagnostic Monitoring

Patient compliance is enhanced with careful monitoring to increase accountability. ResMed flow generators can save and wirelessly transmit data through the EasyCare Online monitoring system. This allows doctors to see, at a glance, if a patient is compliant with therapy.

Side by Side Assistance

Through the “Compliancy” Phase, we will help you in achieving a “Healthier You” by reinforcing the benefits of your sleep apnea device.

Monthly “Roundtable” Meetings

Featuring presentations by medical professionals such as Sleep Doctor’s, Sleep Technicians and Manufacturer Representatives, providing updates, information and an open forum for patients.

What they Say?

  • Orville's Story

    Patient Story

    "Remember, sleep plays a vital role in health. If you're struggling getting used to your PAP system, get help from someone who has been there and done that. It can make a tremendous difference!" — Orville

  • Geoff's Story

    Patient Story

    "I have so much more energy when I'm teaching late classes or I'm working out. CPAP has changed my life." —Geoff

  • Mary Jo's Story

    Patient Story

    "The first time I used CPAP, I woke up headache-free. Soon, I didn’t have to sleep the minute I came home. It was great." — Mary Jo

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